The year 1929 was not a friendly one for Manhattan, Kansas. The entire Midwest was beginning to feel the grip of the great depression around its neck. Walters' Plumbing was no exception.

Edgar Walters, the company's original owner, had passed on in 1927 leaving the business to his wife, Dora Mae. Dora Mae Walters knew very little about plumbing, but she did know what Manhattan needed. This dust blown, down-on-its-luck, little town needed a drink.

On February 21st, 1930, in the midst of Prohibition, Dora Mae cleared out the basement of Walters' Plumbing and gave Manhattan that drink. For nearly four years, until Prohibition was repealed, Dora Mae operated her Speakeasy out of the dingy little basement under Walters' Plumbing.

In 1974, Dora Mae's speakeasy was reopened in honor of the woman who quenched so many thirsts during Prohibition. So order another round and raise a toast to Dora "Auntie" Mae Walters.