Every Wednesday Trivia Smackdown 8pm
Mar 8 Thu Nathan Corsi (Not A Planet) w/ Jessica Paige 9pm $5
Mar 13 Tue Open Mic Comedy 9pm  
Mar 20 Tue Sisters of Sound Vinyl Night 8pm  
Mar 22 Thu Kyle Lacy & The Harlem River Noise 9pm


Mar 29 Thu Blackbird Fields w/ Sounds of Many 9pm $5
Mar 30 Fri Tallgrass Firkin Friday 7pm  
Mar 31 Sat Music to Medals - Special Olympics Fundraiser 5pm  
Apr 3 Tue Gurf Morlix w/ Til Willis 9pm $5
Apr 6 Fri Alex Wakim Jazz Trio 7pm $5
Apr 10 Tue Open Mic Comedy 9pm


Apr 12 Thu The Guilty Birds 9pm $5